A Journey of Discovery Leads to Student Org Centered on Faith

Jake Sedon takes a deep breath before talking about his days as a teenager in Charlotte, N.C. In his own words, he was a “very rebellious child.” Six years ago, he faced the most challenging period of his life.

“I got to a place of despair,” he said. “I thought ‘what am I living for’, and ‘why even wake up when I’m feeling like this?’ It got really bad. I got into depression and started to thinking about how I could get out of these situations.”

That’s when a family member helped him to start a journey of faith discovery.

“I had an aunt who I made fun of all the time, because I’d call her too religious and stuff like that – a typical Bible-belt woman,” Sedon explained.

“She was the person I went to just because of her spiritual strength and she told me about Christ,” he said. “When she talked to me, it cut my heart right open. Everything I was guilty of and was ashamed of, God was saying ‘I still love you and always will.’” 

He paused.

“That brought me to my knees and that was the start of my journey.”

Since then, Jake has evolved into an outgoing student and the founder of one of NC State’s 600+ student organizations. When he arrived on campus two years ago, he and a few classmates quickly built friendships and started weekly Bible studies.

“We’d gather up people, sit down and have open-ended discussions,” he recalls. “People would just share and talk. There was no pressure or anything.”

The small weekly meeting grew and, along with friends, Jake founded Discover Life.

“We decided to make this an official student organization,” he said. “We’ve been growing ever since, and we’ve had up to probably 25 people at one time, just by word of mouth.”

Sedon says what started as a close group of friends has expanded to a diverse circle of students.

“We have people who come to our Bible studies who are from different backgrounds and ethnicities,” he said. “You learn so many things about who they are and where they come from and how many things you take for granted.”

Discover Life, which meets each Thursday at 7pm in room 450 of the Riddick building, is open to all students.

“When we get together we all have such a great time connecting and worshiping God in one unified spirit,” said Sedon. “Anyone who has ever tried Discover Life will tell you that Christ is our number one priority.”

Sedon says his personal testimony was not only the motivation for the creation of the group, but also allows him to connect with fellow students in a real way.

“The Bible says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony,” he says. “So, Discover Life is an organization that says look, I’ve been there before. Let me help you out and tell you my story. You’d see hope, love, victory, but it’s not mine. Because if we’re going to talk about my story, that story is about Jesus.”

For more information about starting a student organization at NC State, visit https://studentinvolvement.dasa.ncsu.edu/student-organizations/.