Wolfpack Leadership Challenge Awards

The Leadership Challenge provides individuals and organizations with a framework for exemplary leadership. These principles are the basis for the Wolfpack Leadership Challenge Awards. Each year, five (5) Wolfpack Leadership Challenge Awards are presented. Nominations are accepted in the Spring.

Faculty and Staff:  We recognize that some of you may be aware of a student organization leader or advisor, or a registered student organization that left a lasting impression on you. You may not, however, be able to provide all of the details needed to complete the nomination. For that reason, we have made a quick nomination referral form. Upon receiving your nomination referral, we will follow up with the nominee or the affiliated organization to have them submit the detailed nomination.

Students: We know that students are doing amazing things and having a positive impact on the NC State Community. The Wolfpack Leadership Challenge Awards gives our students an opportunity to be recognized.  These awards can be given to an individual, sponsored program, or  group. We look forward to seeing your nominations for the Wolfpack Leadership Challenge Awards.

The ‘Model the Way’ Award

The ‘Model the Way’ Award recognizes an individual, program, or organization that promotes core values when setting and achieving their goals. This includes, but is not limited to, establishing and surpassing visible standards of excellence, positively reacting to complex change, and paving the way for others to lead.

The ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’ Award

The ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’ Award recognizes an individual, program, or organization with the passion to make a difference. Their ability to look into the future and plan for it in the present makes them stand out above the rest. Imaginative leadership, persuasive guidance, and provocative animation are qualities that help applicants in this category Inspire a Shared Vision for those around them.

The ‘Challenge the Process’ Award 

The ‘Challenge the Process’ Award recognizes individuals, programs, or organizations that continuously look for new ways to challenge the status quo. Innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking are hallmarks of the applicants for this award.

The ‘Enable Others’ to Act’ Award

The ‘Enable others to Act’ Award recognizes individuals, programs, or organizations that bring people together in an atmosphere of respect, trust, and dignity. Through their efforts, applicants for this award should be able to demonstrate how the growth of individuals and a collective have been achieved through spirited collaboration.

The ‘Encourage the Heart’ Award 

The ‘Encourage the Heart’ Award recognizes individuals, programs, or organizations that take great pride in the work they do, and spend time celebrating and rewarding the efforts those who make great things happen. Leaders encourage the heart by infusing hope and determination into hard work, and recognize their peers with high praise.