Deborah P. Felder Legacy Award

The Deborah P. Felder Legacy award is presented to a student graduating during the 2018 academic year whose influence, ideals and activities throughout their college career have left a lasting, positive impression on their student organization and the NC State community, and raises the standard of excellence for future generations. Applications are now closed.


The selected individual will have:

  • Demonstrated inclusiveness in their processes
  • Led their student organization members with a “long-term view” by mentoring and preparing future leaders
  • Developed a culture where everyone feels appreciated, involved, supported and challenged to do their best
  • Committed to a vision for their student organization that is demonstrated by tangible continuous growth toward that vision
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of consideration


Completed applications include:

  • Resume
  • Professional letter of recommendation (1)
  • Statement of personal values and/or statement of leadership (250-word maximum)
  • Letter of intent explaining qualifications for the award (750-word maximum)