International Festival

2019 International Festival

March 29, 2019

The International Festival is an exciting afternoon celebrating the diverse cultures and identities of the NC State community. Volunteers can sign up to sponsor a booth representing a specific country, culture, or region. Booths have educational information, pictures, activities, and food to help introduce attendees to that specific country, culture, or region. A performance showcase runs on the main stage throughout the event with performances representing a variety of cultures and traditions. Campus departments coordinate the “What’s Next?” tables highlighting opportunities for students to increase their cultural knowledge and experiences after the festival.

Ways to Participate

  • County, Region, or Culture Booth Application — Apply to sponsor a booth representing a country, region, or culture. Please read the instructions on the form carefully so you understand the expectations and requirements of sponsoring a booth.
  • Showcase Performing Act Application — Apply to perform at our performance showcase during the event. We welcome performances from all cultures. Please read the instructions on the form carefully so you understand the expectations and requirements of performers.
  • What’s Next? Table Application — Intended primarily for campus departments, What’s Next? Tables should provide should informative, fun, and engaging.
  • Music Request Form — Are there particular songs from your culture that you would like us to add to our playlist in between live performances? You will be ale to add your requested song(s).
  • Volunteer Application — Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, check-in, t-shirt distribution, and many other essential tasks to help the Festival run smoothly.
  • Marketing Committee — The marketing committee is a group of students who help spread the word to other students about the Festival. The marketing committee meets during the spring semester and plans creative ways to market the event such as chalking on campus sidewalks or painting the free expression tunnel. This committee is led by the Planning Team Marketing Chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be part of a registered or recognized student organization on campus in order to sponsor a booth?

Not at all! Last year, about half of the booths were sponsored by student organizations and the other half of the booths were sponsored by individual students and their friends.

Are there any funds available to help me sponsor a booth?

There is no direct fee to sponsor a booth; however, we do recognize that there are inherent costs with setting up a high-quality booth (food, display board, etc.). The Office of International Services is graciously sponsoring a limited number of $30.00 grants to groups or individuals to go toward these expenses. Please indicate your interest in one of these grants when you submit your application to sponsor a booth. In addition, registered student organizations are eligible to request Student Government (SG) appropriations which could be used toward participation in International Festival. More information is available here.

What is expected of students who sign-up to sponsor a country, region, or culture booth?

Sponsors of each booth are required to provide a display with basic geographic and demographic information about the country, region, or culture as well as either food or an activity at the booth. At least one representative from each sponsoring group is required to attend an orientation meeting where we will cover tips for how to best prepare a booth. The date and time of this orientation meeting will be communicated to all booth sponsors. The booth must be staffed by volunteers for the full length of the festival.

Can I expect free food or giveaways at the event?

Yes! There is a very popular International Festival t-shirt that attendees can receive if they get their boarding pass stamped by a certain number of booths. Many of the booths offer samples of food or other items. There is a limited supply of food and giveaway items so be sure to arrive early!

What is the boarding pass?

Each student attendee at the International Festival receives a boarding pass when they arrive. The boarding pass can be stamped at booths or the “What’s Next?” tables and then redeemed for a free t-shirt while supplies last.

Is this the same festival held in Raleigh each Fall?

NC State students are lucky to have two International Festival events in Raleigh each year. The International Festival at NC State is specifically for the NC State community and held on campus during the spring semester. There is also the International Festival of Raleigh held every fall, which is a very long-standing and popular event for members of the local community including NC state students. There is no connection between the two International Festivals; we encourage you to attend both!

Who are the sponsors of the 2018 International Festival?

A special thanks to our sponsors:

  • Student Involvement
  • Office of International Services
  • NC State Global
  • Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Student Government

Campus departments or student groups interested in sponsoring the festival are invited to email to discuss available opportunities.