Student Organization Outstanding Achievement Awards

The Student Organization Outstanding Achievement Awards are presented to student organizations, leaders, and advisors that have demonstrated excellence. Applications are now closed.

Student Organization Award of Distinction 

The Student Organization Award of Distinction recognizes a student organization that exemplifies the strength of the NC State Wolfpack. This organization has distinguished itself from other organizations by the way they demonstrate exceptional leadership from officers and members, executing programs and activities that positively impact student success. This includes having a “Think and Do” attitude,  valuing diversity, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment and making a significant and meaningful contribution to students, the NC State and/or the surrounding community. Organization programming should reflect an effort to advance the social, moral, cultural, intellectual, and leadership development of individual members.

Outstanding New Student Organization Award

This award will recognize an organization new to the campus since April 1, 2017. The organization will demonstrate a progression of growth, improvement, and achievement throughout the year as indicated by their programming and membership. Along with carrying out the organizational mission, fostering personal and professional excellence in its members, this organization should also have a positive impact on the NC State and surrounding community.

Outstanding Student Organization Officer Award

This award recognizes a student organization officer who provided exemplary service, commitment, and strong leadership this year. The recipient will have made a meaningful contribution to members of the organization, motivated the group, made him/herself available to student organization members and brought out strengths and talents of individuals in the group. This officer should have exemplified integrity in action and demonstrated initiative by seeking ways to challenge the present and enrich the future.

Outstanding Student Organization Member Award

This award recognizes a student organization member who has contributed significantly to their organization as an invaluable member throughout the year. This recipient may be classified as taking a “behind the scenes” approach but always goes above and beyond the standard to fulfill their role. This recipient will engage and represent the organization with intense passion and enthusiasm.

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award

We appreciate the faculty and staff that serve as organization advisers here at NC State.  We would like to recognize each one of our advisers for the role they play in mentoring student leaders.  We present the Outstanding Advisor Award to a student organization adviser who has a positive impact on a student organization and the University community; consistently contributing his or her time and energy to support student success, develop student leaders and improve the overall mission of the student organization.

Outstanding Student Organization Program Award

This award recognizes a student organization that has made a significant and meaningful contribution to students, the NC State and/or the surrounding community; demonstrated exceptional leadership from officers and members, and benefits its membership through support, scholarship/education, or activities. Organization programming should reflect an effort to advance the social, moral, cultural, intellectual, and leadership development of individual members and/or the university community.

Outstanding Student Organization Teamwork/Collaboration Award

The Teamwork and Collaboration Award will be presented to the organizations that made meaningful contributions to NC State community through their collaborative programming efforts either throughout the year or a single successful program. This is a collaborative award, therefore, all organizations involved in the collaboration must be included in the nomination.

Consideration for the award will be given to organizations and/or programs that:

  1. Demonstrate the collaborative spirit through work with numerous organizations or a one-time collaborative effort between two or more organizations.
  2. Reflects programming that enhances the NC State community and institutional values of collaboration and initiative by utilizing a creative and unique approach.
  3. Explores and fosters innovative and efficient ways of reaching and involving diverse student audiences, while integrating the purpose of all organizations involved.
  4. Strives to coordinate and manage fiscally sound, well-planned programs.
  5. Programs that take place between April 1, 2017, and March 1, 2018

Outstanding Development by a Student Organization Award

This award is designed to recognize a student organization that encouraged students to continue their learning outside of the classroom; the organization met the developmental needs of its members by providing opportunities that continually educated them through such activities as speakers, workshops, retreats, conferences, and training.

Outstanding Online Presence Award   

The purpose of this award is to recognize groups with an impressive online presence. We will consider Get Involved customization, web page originality, use of social media and inclusion of up-to-date pertinent information. Web pages must be created by a student and not professionally maintained.