How Student Involvement Increases the Understanding of Diversity for One Student

Q: What are some organizations that you’ve been involved in?

A: I have served on the executive board for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the William C. Friday award committee and Park Scholarship Diversity Leadership Academy. I’ve served as both vice and interim president of P.E.A.C.E. church, and I am a collegiate ambassador for the Young Black Male Leadership Alliance.  Currently, I serve as the Keeper of Exchequer for the Kappa Xi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Q: What does learning outside of the classroom mean to you?

A: It’s imperative to learn outside of the classroom. You need to be able to communicate person to person especially in terms of diversity and understanding different cultures to communicate most effectively. For example, there have been new studies about how there’s been more focus in the corporate realm on “EQ”, emotional quotient, basically an equivalent to “IQ” and how people with high “EQ” are more successful in the corporate realm than people with high “IQ”.

My involvement with organizations on campus has expanded my viewpoint of what diversity was and how to communicate effectively. My success in my internships, I will credit to my involvement with organizations on campus

Q: How do you think your involvement has shaped your experience at NC State?  

A: It has forced me to elevate my level of execution. As you become involved in higher positions, you have more responsibility on you that would not come from a classroom. Those actual experiences later on translated into my success into corporate America with internships.