Racial Climate Galvanizes Student Action

The racial climate on campus led one senior to work with her peers to orchestrate a town hall meeting. This focused on the topics of inclusion, race relations and conduct accountability at NC State.  In January, Moriah Barrow and several other student leaders hosted a town hall discussion for the purpose of voicing the concerns of minority student groups to faculty and administration.

Moriah says that the idea for a large-scale discussion arose after the controversy amid a CMT vs BET party” last October.

“If students feel like they don’t have the same amount of respect or comfort as other students on this campus, it shouldn’t be a struggle to fight for, it should be your right as a tuition paying student to see the issue addressed,” she said.

The committee began to come together after the Garner native and her associate Daryl Johnson reached out to an array of multicultural groups.  As chair for diversity outreach in student government, Barrow’s role was predominantly “behind the scenes” and administrative.

The action items are as follows:
-Inclusivity training for student organizations.
-Inclusivity/Diversity training for all incoming NC State Students during orientation.
-Transparency with consequences and accountability when addressing student non-academic misconduct, discrimination and non-inclusive acts.
-An Asian-American director for Multicultural Student Affairs

The meeting was centered around four action items prepared by the student panel. The hard-work and dedication of Barrow and her peers afforded them the opportunity to present the action items to Chancellor Woodson at a closed event.

As graduation nears Barrow can look back at the legacy of social justice and advocacy she has left on campus.

“Its exciting that we were able to put that together as just a group of students who were concerned,” she says. “There’s no telling what else we can do.”