Student Org Events

Complete Event Screening

In accordance with university guidelines, a Student Organization Event Screening process has been implemented to support the safety and success of student organization on-campus events and programs during the global pandemic. A dedicated team of Student Involvement staff members will coach and advise student organizations as they weigh in-person and virtual event options, evaluate and mitigate risk, and foster community and belonging for students at NC State.  Student Involvement will assist student leaders as they plan engaging events while considering the health and safety of student organizers, guests, and vendors.

Student organizations will complete the Student Organization Event Screening form prior to securing space and marketing their event. Student Involvement will review all event submissions and coordinate with the student organization organizer to provide recommendations and resources. 

As of November 11, 2020, the maximum number of attendees for any activity should not exceed 10 people indoors or 50 outdoors regardless of space capacity. 

Advance planning and preparation will be essential while organizing an event during a global pandemic. Student organizations should submit their event screening at least 10 days prior to their proposed date of in-person events. However, additional planning and preparation may be required for some events. Many student organizations begin planning weeks, months, and even a year prior to their event date to ensure success for their event. Please review the Student Organization Event Toolkit for more tips for planning an event during COVID.

Steps for Planning In-Person Student Org Events:

  1. Complete the Student Involvement Screening. Complete the Student Organization Event Screening form. Student Involvement will review the event screening submission which may include a consultation or additional reviewers.
  2. Reserve a location. Once the screening is completed by Student Involvement, the student organization can reserve an on-campus location. The space manager will review the student organization’s space requests and discuss specific safety plans related to the specific location and nature of the event. Full list of Reservable Spaces and Responsible Administrators
  3. Plan the event. The student organization can proceed with event planning which may include coordinating with vendors, ordering supplies, marketing the event, etc.
  4. Create an Event on Get Involved. To market events to the Wolfpack community,  track attendance, or request masks and cleaning kits, student organizations will need to add their event on Get Involved. Not sure how to “Create an Event” on Get Involved? Check out this tutorial.

Steps for Planning Virtual Student Org Events:

Please note, event screening is not required for virtual events. However, you may submit if you’d like additional guidance.

  1. Review the Virtual Tool Kit document. Resources have been centralized into a toolkit to support planning virtual events. 
  2. Plan the event. The student organization can proceed with event planning which may include coordinating with speakers, creating content, marketing the event, etc.
  3. Optional: Create an Event on Get Involved. To market events to the Wolfpack community or track attendance, student organizations are encouraged to add their event on Get Involved. Not sure how to “Create an Event” on Get Involved? Check out this tutorial

Important Notes and Guidelines:

  • Regularly scheduled and weekly meetings should be held virtually.
  • Student Organizations should not require in-person attendance at any official meeting or event. A virtual option should be available for members to engage during any official meeting or event.
  • Student organization reservations for Fall 2020 submitted prior to July 31, 2020 may be cancelled. If your event has been cancelled please submit an event screening form and Student Involvement will assist you in reviewing, rebooking, or reimagining your event.
  • Event attendance will take into account occupancy density per square footage of space at or in the location, with a consideration of 6′ physical distancing per person.
  • Indoor events will not exceed 10 people.
  • Outdoor events will not exceed 25 people.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to wear masks or face coverings at all times on campus. 
  • Event organizers will maintain a list of all attendees and contact information and will provide that to the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team upon request for follow-up. 
  • Student Involvement will provide student organizations with cleaning kits, masks, and card scanners for approved events upon request. “Create an event” on Get Involved to receive these supplies. 
  • There may be specific activities that require adjustments to standard practices. These activities include, but are not limited to, music, dance, or sports.
  • University sponsored travel, including local travel, is prohibited until further notice. This includes activities for club sports, site visits, events/programs, retreats, off-campus meetings, etc. 

Event Planning Quick Links

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